Email from Paul Spruill, Beaufort County Manager


I received an email from Paul Spruill (County Manager) last Friday (October 17, 2008) on sewer lines for Portside. The Board of Directors will discuss ways Portside can work with the County Manager at our Board meeting on January 10,2009.

According to Mr. Spruill, “Once the City accepts the new sewer line as part of its municipal sewer system, the County will begin working with the City to extend infrastructure wherever possible.”

As most of us know without State and/or Federal grant money to support running the sewer lines in Portside, it may cost Portside residents some big dollars for county sewer service.

As more information is provided from the County Manager Office, I will provide everyone an update.

Frank Meeks

Follow-up Telephone Call with Paul Spruill, Beaufort County Manager


On August 25, 2008, I received a phone call from Mr. Paul Spruill, Beaufort County Manager, regarding sewer service for Beaufort Pointe. Mr. Spruill told me that the East Group did some survey work last week, and a contractor has started the first phase of installing the sewer line to Beaufort Pointe. The design of the pumping station has been approved and some of the equipment has been ordered.

Mr. Spruill and I discussed what the next step would be once the Beaufort Pointe sewer installation is complete. Mr. Spruill stated that it would take at least a year before this phase of the sewer line installation will be completed. We also discussed having a meeting with the residents of Portside and Bayside in about 1½ to 2 years to talk about applying for grant funds to support the sewer installation to Portside and Bayside.

I told Mr. Spruill that we will begin preliminary discussions with Portside Homeowners to determine if all 54 property owners will support the sewer installation to Portside. We can discuss how to proceed at the October 11th Board of Directors meeting.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Frank Meeks



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